Poppy seed is an oilseed which is usually obtained from the opium poppy. Poppy seed has a tiny kidney-shaped, and it is harvested from dried pod. Poppy seed is used as ingredients in many foods, and it is pressed to yield poppy seed oil. Poppy seed is mentioned in many medical civilization texts. For instance in papyrus scrolls of Egyptian poppy seed is named as a sedative. Poppy seed was used in ancient as to provide supposed magic powers of invisibility, promoting wealth and fertility. However, the poppy seed was also used as a folk remedy to aid sleeping.

Poppy seed has a length of less than millimeters with a pitted surface. A person who needs the poppy seed of superior quality, she/he needs to harvest them when they are ripe and the seed pod dried. Traditionally, opium is harvested when the seed has just begun to grow when the seed pod is green, and their latex is more abundant.The other types of poppy seeds are not eaten, but they are only cultivated for the flowers. Poppy are easily propagated, and annual and biannual poppies are considered as a good choice to be cultivated from seed.


Poppy seeds are widely used as spices for foods and also for decoration of in and on top of many baked goods. They are usually added to hamburger buns, used in making various German bread and desserts. Filling in pastries are sometimes made of finely ground poppy seed with is mixed with butter,milk and sugar. Poppy seeds for filling are best when it is fine and freshly grounded, this is because it will make pastry filling’s and texture have a big difference. Grounded poppy seeds used for pastry is obtained by using generic tools such as mortal and pestle or sometimes small domestic type of electric blade grinder is used.


Poppy seeds are very popular and are used as the main gradients in varieties of foods. The most popular dish that uses poppy seed as an ingredient is aloo posto. Which is usually consists of a large amount of grounded poppy seeds cooked together with potatoes and made into smooth, rich products, it is sometimes eaten by rice. Poppy seed is a nutritious spice with is highly rich in essential minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous. Poppy seed is widely consumed in most parts of eastern and central Europe. This makes poppy seeds to have many health benefits to human beings.